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Visiting a slice of heaven!

Today me and my son visited Homestead Heritage community close to Waco TX. They describe themselves as “Homestead Heritage is an agrarian- and craft-based intentional Christian community. Its literature stresses simplicity, sustainability, self-sufficiency, cooperation, service and quality craftsmanship. It also strives to live in peaceful coexistence with the land, other people and other faiths.” I really like the place! I have come here before as well.. and every time I visit here, I feel peaceful and happy. Watching all the community members, I can immediately see the peace and ease on their faces. The contrast makes you realize how much stress we have on ourselves… the stress shows on the face first. Their faces are relaxed and there is beauty in that! Walking through their crafts village and sampling the things that are made here, it is quite inspirational. They also give a glimpse in their farming techniques and have lots of local produce that you can buy. There is also a restaurant there that serves food that is entirely grown in the community! It is quite amazing!!

Today I was looking at all the different things they had.. local honeys, candles, soaps, oils, cheeses, vinegars.. etc etc! I couldn’t help but pick up few to take back with me to Dallas! There were so many varieties.. everything is local and everything is grown as nature intended it to. It is odd that the way we were supposed to live is only found in such pockets and we have to visit to get a glimpse of life that should be for all of us! It makes you wonder, have we really progressed. If you are in the area, do give them a visit and take some inspiration back.. oh.. and some honey, some cheese, some soaps, vinegars, crafts.. etc etc! It is totally worth it!



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