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Who do you love?

So who do you love? It is a simple Q, but try and answer it right… you will know it is not trivial if you are being honest. You love yourself for sure! Who else? Do you love your parents.. may or may not. Do you love your spouse (if you have one)… may or may not! Do you love your kids? Yes… that answer is always yes!

Why is that? What I have understood is that you only love yourself. So outside you, the span of your love is to people or things that you believe are extension of you. Your kids… they are easy! Nature helps there… the feeling of love towards the children comes thanks to the nature. You are designed to think of your kids as YOU! So, yes, you love them. Side note.. if you do spiritually grow to see yourself in everybody and everything, your love will know no bound! You will be Buddha! But till then, you are you and the certainty of your love extends to yourself and your kids!

That is why, even if you remain hungry, you will cook for your kids! You will do your best that your kids are well fed.. fed healthy. You will get up early to pack their lunch, you will learn cooking if you have to… to make sure they are eating healthy.

Cooking and fri nights are interesting! If you are in the mood, you have the right company.. you will cook! But, if you are alone, tired.. you may just boil some eggs and eat with avocado and cheese (with few glasses of wine!). But when you have your kid with you, you have a purpose. Your tiredness doesn’t matter.. the tough week doesn’t matter… you will be behind that stove cooking delicious and healthy food with love.

Today is one such evening! I’m tired and if not for my 9 year old, I would have scrambled some eggs and eaten with some avocados, cheese and kimchi. Yes, it sounds delicious.. but that is not the point! I spent hour and half behind the stove and cooked a wholesome meal.

Paneer cooked in mix of spinach, broccoli, asparagus and micro greens… leg of goat cooked in pressure cooker with desi ghee… yogurt home made and basamati rice!

Why? Because I want my little monkey to have a healthy meal! All the effort and he tells me.. "papa, wouldn’t it be better if we go to chipotle? If not chipotle, we can atleast go to Jason’s deli!" Ha ha… well, he had to eat what I cooked! He loved it, but maintained an expression of disappointment of his face. How do I know he loved it.. well, he asked if there are bones that he can suck the marrow from and if he can have some more rice.. and if he can get some more yogurt!

So… wishing you that your love grows beyond your kids and you cook.. cook for yourself, your kids your friends, your better half, and the entire world! May you experience the joy of food and cooking!

Wish you health and happiness!


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