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About Me

I’m Gagan Maur,

a certified holistic nutritionist.

I’m here to support you with clear information, motivation, and guidance to make it simple for you to discover health.

Having been through this journey myself, I understand how difficult it is. It took me ten years of experimentation, research, and formal education to realize the path to health. I am inspired to make this journey more natural for you. The analytical, emotional, and creative side of my mind helped me evaluate and research deeply as I went on my journey and made it a mission to help others, using the knowledge I have gained.

I live in Dallas Texas and have a beautiful son!

Why am I here?

Health is a rare commodity! It is ironic that in this age of science, technology, access to information and abundance, it seems impossible to remain physically and emotionally healthy.

The information is ever-changing, and it is mind-boggling how much confusion is created by people and corporations to make a profit out of making health a business.

Who do you trust? Being healthy is our natural state. Why are we sick then? Why are we fat, tired and so far away from health? Whose fault is it? Exercise and eat less: and if that doesn’t work, take some pills. Is that how we are supposed to live? What happened and what did we forget that has brought us here?

My experiences shook me. The research and education that followed opened my eyes to the power of food and understanding of holistic living and healing. We deserve to be healthy and live a vibrant life. Food is the medicine. I want to, in my little way, make the journey to better living easier.

I’m here to play my small part in your journey.

I provide: • Simple and clear information about food. • Guidance on your unique health concerns with enough information that you can make the right choices for yourself. • Easy and fun recipes that help you connect back with cooking and food.

I have a particular interest in weight loss, digestive health, and nutritional supplements. I hope the content I share is useful for you and encourages you to reach out to me if I can be of help.

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