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.. and then there were flowers!!

These plants were left for dead.. thrown around by the strong storm that hit them. Pots broken, roots out and completely exposed to the rage of nature.

It happened when I was out of town.. they stayed like that for over a week. When I came back, I had two choices, trash them or give them another chance. I’m not a gardener and don’t know much about plants. One thing however I do know is that Life doesn’t give up.. it fights and finds a way! So, I picked these up, threw in some soil, gave them water and just a little bit of care.

And now, I have a bloom! Flowers, green beautiful healthy leaves.. the plants moving with the wind like they are dancing. They are back alive, happy and thriving! How did that happen.. I have no clue! But I’m happy and the sight of them everyday, reinforces my belief that all life needs is a chance. It will find its way!

So don’t give up! There is magic and mystery and kindness and love and strength and knowledge.. where life comes from. So sit back and let life take over! All it needs is faith and a little bit of care.. Cheers! Wish you health and happiness!


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