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The truth about temptations!

Today me and my son went for a one day trip. He wanted to go stay in a cabin. So we booked a place about 2 hrs from Dallas. Generally when we make trips like these, we don’t plan much.. we travel and if something catches our eye, we take a detour and explore. So today, we saw few amazing places that we didn’t plan for when we started driving. In a little town called Waxahachie, we saw a tulip farm.. with a claim that they have 1 million tulips in bloom. Then, we went to the historic downtown that has beautiful buildings and was buzzing with people and shops. We then drove to Waco and visited a community called Homestead Heritage that was wonderful to visit. In the evening we drove to Waco downtown that had an outdoor market going with so many food trucks and small vendors. It was lively and fun.

So.. what does this story have to do with food? Well, at all of those places, there were so many tempting options to indulge! It was cold at the tulip farm and they had hot dogs and many country food! The Homestead Heritage had BBQs, locally made ice creams and so much more! The Waco downtown had food trucks serving every possible thing you can imagine. I walked by looking at all the options that were there, the mind was giving 100 different arguments on why it is Ok to cheat, plus, mind was imagining all the flavours and how awesome it will be to eat all the food! Note, I was not hungry! I’m in Ketosis and had my morning Keto coffee. So I was quite Ok. But still.. the arguments were there! That got me thinking on how temptations work. Nobody is forcing anything on you, but your mind starts promising you exaggerated pleasures that you will get if you give in to the temptation. It is interesting that whenever you give in to temptations (against your own wisdom), it is never worth it! Still, it is a struggle. What makes it easier is to have a higher goal that you are striving towards that makes the pleasures of temptations small compared to the bigger vision you are dedicated to.

Very best!!! Wish you health and happiness!


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