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What I learnt about life from lamb chops

Cooking and food, it is not just life, it teaches about how to do life right. So lamb chops, what do they teach me?

Well, lesson 1, keep it simple! Life, just like lamb chops, has intense flavour. You don’t need to mess with it. Lamb chops are one of the most flavourful food. All you need to get the flavour out is salt, pepper.. and if you are more adventurous may be bit of garlic. That is it! Life is just like that, season it with love, trust.. and if adventurous… bit of heart break! Let the flavours of life shine… without your help.

Lesson no 2, don’t overdo it! All you need in case of lamb chops is to cook it for 2 mins.. max 3… on each side. That is all! You cook more, it gets difficult to chew! Just like life.. yes, work hard.. pursue what you must… but don’t burn out! Life, cooked to medium rare is the best. Easy and done just right.. that is the life which is juicy and delicious!

.. and finally! Don’t forget to have your greens with that. In the same pan, once the lamb chops are done. Throw in greens. Let them absorb the flavour. Let the greens be the bed on which you serve your delicious lamb chops. Same in life, don’t forget self care.. work out, meditate, sleep well… these things are not the main course. But, that should be the foundation on which you experience life.

So.. here my dear friends is the simplest recipe for lamb chops. Start with quality meat. I get mine from @3bn_ranch. Get the meat to room temperature. Make sure it is dry! Season with salt, pepper and may be.. some garlic powder. Don’t go easy on seasoning. Let the meat sit for 15-30mins.

Heat the pan. When nice and hot, add some quality olive oil. Cook the meat on both sides for 2-3 minutes. Add couple cloves of garlic and use the oil to season the meat as you cook it. When the meat is done, add bunch of greens to the same pan. Turn the heat off. Let the greens cook down a bit. Serve the lamb chops on bed of greens! Delicious and healthy!

Enjoy and wish you health and happiness! May life open its door of flavours for you!



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