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Cooking perfect chicken in the oven!

Chicken cooked in the oven is an easy alternative to cooking on a grill! It can be surprisingly tricky to get perfect results... Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and flavour all through!

So here are few tips that may help.

* Get the chicken to room temperature before marinating.

* Dry the chicken thoroughly before applying marinade. If the chicken is too wet, the marinde will not stick to the chicken.

* Make few deep cuts so that the marinade goes deep inside the meat.

* There are so many different marinades you can make and I will not go in that.. but, do taste the marinade just a bit to make sure the taste is of ur liking. It is easier to tweak the marination then trying to fix the done chicken!

* Don't make marinade too runny. Instead of yogurt, use Greek yogurt for example.

* Let the chicken marinate for few hours. This will help the meat come out juicier and also the flavours to go within the meat.

* Keep the chicken slightly elevated from the floor of the pan. You can keep straight on pan as well, but the chicken can stick to the pan. If you do keep on the pan, do coat the pan with some oil

* Let the chicken take it's time in the oven! I generally cook at 415 F for about 45 mins (skin off) to 55 mins (skin on). Half way through, turn the chicken over and apply any left over marinade.

I like to sprinkle some lime juice when done.. you can always prepare some dips to go with the marinade you started with.

Very best and do share if there are other pointers you have on how to get the best results when cooking in oven!


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