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Beet Kvass and Fermenter's Hands!

Recently, one of my friend proudly showed me her Gardner’s hand! Rough, tough and lot of character. I looked at mine and felt mine didn't tell any story. I do many things, but none really leave much of a mark. Then, I was making my next batch of Beet Kvass.. that’s when I saw my hands! They were colored red… I realized, a fermenter’s hands are colored with the colors of life! Now I feel happy!

Coming to beet kvass. Beet kvass is a fermented drink that is made by fermenting beet roots. It is very effective in cleansing and detoxing your body. It is my second most favourite thing to ferment. Beets are phytonutrient rich food and are super high in minerals and vitamins. It is important to get organic beets when making beet kvass. That way, you maximize the micronutrient content of your drink. Beetroots are the taproot part of the beet plant. The phytonutrients in the beet root have been shown to provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support. The fermentation process adds probiotic benefits to the drink, enhances the nutritional profile of raw beets by increasing levels of enzymes and vitamins, plus, gives an earthy taste to the drink.

Now how to make it. I generally make about a gallon every time I do. Wash and cut the beets in roughly half to one inch pieces. Put them in a jar and add brine of about 3%. First time you make it, start with 3% and then reduce to 2% if the drink is salty for you. I generally let my kvass ferment for ~14 days or so. In that time, the saltiness comes down drastically. Do use high quality pink salt. Don’t close the lid airtight, instead cover with a paper towel and close with a rubber band. You may see some growth on the surface.. don’t worry about it. You can remove it safely.

I generally don’t eat breakfast. Instead, I like to mix half and half, beet kvass and kombucha. Add some lime juice, bit of pink salt, cumin powder and bit of black pepper powder. The drink has an amazing taste and so so good for your gut health. Beet kvass is the easiest fermentation drink to make! You don’t need any scoby, any grains, and bugs.. just let the nature do its thing!

Very best! Wish you health and happiness!


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