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So why do we cook?

No.. I’m not going to talk about the awesome Kadhai chicken I cooked. I’m going to talk about cooking! Why do we cook? More specifically.. why do people love to cook? Is the sole purpose to eat? Not actually.. if the only purpose was to get enough to sustain your life, well, you don’t need to put in all the effort! Cutting, cooking, cleaning.. it is a lot of work.

We cook for the experience! Cooking is meditative.. cooking is art.. the act of cooking itself is rewarding. Seeing the colourful ingredients come together and transform, is reflective of life. 1+1 is not 2.. it is something unexpected. Kind of like love. When two people come together, it is not 2 people, it is way more than that. There is joy, there are laughs, there is pain, there is growth, there are experiences… it is not math at that point. It is art.. it is life!

Cooking is akin to the company of a good friend. She listens without judgement, she takes the heat, she lets your emotions melt.. she helps you transform into something new. Something fragrant, beautiful, nourishing, new.. oh.. and delicious!

Yes.. we cook! Not just because we want to eat healthy, not just because we love food.. we cook because cooking is reflective of life! We love life, we like to experience it.. and cooking gives us a way to experience it all without saying a word! We dance with the colors, we play with the flavours, we experiment, take risk.. and see it all unfold! Just like life.. unexpected, marvellous, beautiful and delicious!

Enjoy your weekend! Cook something…


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