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Palak Paneer! (Spinach with Indian Fresh Cheese!)

I had bunch of greens in my fridge, plus I had paneer! All I needed was inspiration from my dear friend @theketopoch awesome palak paneer pictures! I decided to make my rendition of palak (spinach) paneer (fresh indian cheese)! The great thing about greens is that they are easy to cook, very difficult to go wrong with, they are delicious and it is super quick to cook them! Also, the other thing that is great about greens is that you can mix different kinds of greens and get different flavours. Today when I’m making my palak paneer, I am using two kinds of greens, plus I’ve also added broccoli to make the dish even more delicious. The greens, when cooked down, get more nutritious. They are loaded with minerals, antioxidants, vitamins.. you just can't go wrong with them! Cook them liberally in ghee and serve with cream, and you have for yourself a perfect keto meal!

So the ingredients that I used:

Greens, All combined 600gms

1 small onion

1 small tomatoes

5 cloves of garlic

Paneer, roughly 100gms

Ghee about 2 tbsp

Spices Whole - Cumin, dried red chillies

Spices – Coriander powder, turmeric, red chilli powder, salt, pinch of garam masala

Juice of ½ lime

The above makes 3 servings. For each serving, add 1 tbsp of fresh cream.

The recipe in its simplest form is: Cook down the greens with garlic, onion and salt. Crush and add 3 cloves of garlic and 1/4th of the onion with the greens in the pressure cooker. Also, sprinkle salt.

Once the greens are cooked, which is about 2-3 whistles, blend them. I used my hand blender. Then, prepare spice mix (tadka) using Ghee, garlic, onion, tomatoes and dry spices. Start by heating ghee. Add cumin seeds and dry chilies to it. Then, add garlic. Once garlic is cooked, add chopped rest of the onion. Let the onion cook down and then add chopped tomatoes. When the tadka is cooked, add the powder spices, but the garam masala.

Then, mix the tadka with the cooked down greens. Add paneer (that is cut in small pieces), cover and cook for few mins. Once done, add the garam masala and sprinkle some lime! ‘Voila’, you have a delicious and nutritious meal ready!

You can eat it with bread (tandoori roti). But I like to eat it as is without the bread. So the macros per serving: carbs – 7gm, protein – 13gms, Fats – 22gms! Roughly 70% fat, 16% protein and 18% carbs. About 6 gms of fiber with each serving as well. You can add extra ghee on top to push the fat content higher. This is a perfect keto food!



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