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Day 9 of my 90 day keto journey – Meditate

It is the buzz word! No, I’m not suggesting any techniques or preaching any dogmas. What I mean is to find time to sit back and reflect on what your goal is. Why are you on the journey you are? Why are you working so hard to make a change to your ways, learning new things? What are all the sacrifices for? You must have a vision that is important enough for you to take this journey. What I am suggesting is to find some time to remind yourself of that vision. Reflect on how you are progressing, what are the things you are doing right and what you can do better. What I’ suggesting is to take a pause everyday, regroup, tweak plans and continue walking. Also, use this time to let go of the emotions that may have built up. Remember, your emotions are the once that can derail you. Finding that 5-10 mins a day can make a world of difference in your ability to stick to your path!

I’m not saying that is all you can do! Ofcourse, if you are willing, meditation or spending time with self, is the best thing you can do for yourself! But more on that some other day.

Today was a good day! I cooked something nice and healthy. Check out my palak paneer recipe! I think I have found a winner. I’m going to follow similar recipes to maximize my intake of greens and vegetables. It is easy, delicious and super keto. My macros are good for the day. Even though my total calories may seem a bit low, I’m very full and there is no hunger whatsoever! My body has started to enjoy being in keto. If you have not already started.. what are you waiting for?

Enjoy! Very best.. and wish you health and happiness!!!


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