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Day 6 of my 90 day keto journey – To eat right, shop right!

Is there a time that is not conducive for Keto? Yes… late evenings! You have done the keto the whole day.. it was easy and fun. You had your keto coffee in the morning, a delicious meal at lunch with greens, some protein.. you had your keto coffee in early evening, may be some soup for dinner. You are all done and ready to go to bed in some time. 30 mins before when you are lying in your couch watching a food documentary, you start craving something sweet. Your mind start scanning what is there in the house that maybe I can have just a little bit of! I have been good the whole day, a small bite of something sweet should be ok! This is the most dangerous time of the day!!

So how to navigate late evening cravings. There are few options, but first and foremost, make sure your house is on keto with you! Shop right so there aren’t options for you when the craving hits. Trust me, on one of my low days, I have freaked out on kids fruit loops with cold milk! Your house has to be working with you! Now, how to shop right? The most important thing, don’t go shopping empty stomach!! You go to shop hungry and you are going to bring back tons of junk. Second, if you did get something that is not good for you.. well, if it is unopened, return ASAP.. if it is open, trash it! Second, go shopping with a plan on what you want to get. Pick that up, turn around and walk out. Finally, stick to the periphery of the grocery store.. generally the aisles are the once that have the most non-keto stuff!

So, my day 6 went well. Keto flu is easing up on me. My macros are looking ok, bit heavy on proteins. This should be fine once my workout kicks in. I had ~1300 calories today and I felt bit stuffed. I have been having 2 keto coffees a day and that is keeping me quite satiated. 2 more days for my weekly report card!

Enjoy! Very best.. and wish you health and happiness!!!


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