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Day 7 of my 90 day keto journey – Mind Your Emotions!

If I have to pick one thing that will be a roadblock in your journey towards health, it will be your emotions! I’m not talking about intellect that may raise Qs on what you are doing, your chances of success or creating doubts on your methods and progress. I mean your emotions. The reason emotions play such a strong role in health.. and more specifically eating, is that we naturally look towards food to resolve emotions. If you are sad, you are naturally pulled towards comfort foods.. if you are too happy, you want to celebrate.. and what do you go for.. food! The second scenario is still manageable. If you are happy, you can still make wise food choices. It is the former that is a problem. If you are sad, unhappy or feeling lost, that is when you are at your weakest. Food, is an assured way to find comfort, that little slice of joy.. and when you are down, that little slice feels so well worth sacrificing your progress for.

I don’t have an easy answer how to navigate that. I don’t have any answer actually. That is my kryptonite too. No temptation, no rational can pull me off course. But when I am feeling sad and down, I end up making mistakes. What advice I can give you, well, forgive yourself. Be kind to self.. If you do end up giving in during those weak moments, don’t be hard on yourself. The journey to health is a journey… there will be ups and down. Through them, love yourself, support yourself, forgive yourself, reward yourself.. be your best friend. A friend doesn’t tell you that you screwed up. A real friend will give you the support you need during that low time.

So today was one of those days. I didn’t falter on food much, but I did falter on other things I do for well-being. It is Ok! I’m here.. Im still on my journey and I will continue walking. You do the same!

My macros for today are good! I’m in Keto and I think mostly done with Keto flu. One more day for my weekly report card. The down time today will give me the strength tomorrow to come back more strongly.

Enjoy! Very best.. and wish you health and happiness!!!


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