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Day 8 of my 90 day keto journey – Nature heals!

Today, when on my run, I was watching the sun set. The golden light of the setting sun was filtering through the leaves of the trees. I was alone on the trail… and there were wild flowers scattered through the grass. I felt alive.. and happy. I realize that real healing is not just of the body.. it is of the mind and also the soul. When you heal, you heal completely. Else, it is just patch work that will not be permanent. Also, the real healing comes only when we are one with nature. Disconnecting ourselves from our source is the recipe for sickness. So as you start working your way to health, rekindle your relation with the outdoors. Go out, walk, run, do something. Feel the open air, see the abundance of life that is always happening and always surrounding us.

So today is my first report card for this 90 day journey. It has been a tough week for me emotionally. However, I’m happy with my progress. I’m comfortably in Keto. I did manage to run 16 miles in this week. I have dropped little over 4 lbs. Ofcourse, lot of it is water weight, however, it feels good! I expect me to drop few more lbs in next week and then the weight to start settling down. I have not been able to start doing any weight training! So I’m bit behind there. However, I have 82 days to catch up.. and I know I will!

My macros for today are good! I am finally in a rhythm. However, it is important to keep tracking what you eat and I will continue doing that. Hope some of you are following these posts and my progress. If there are any Qs you have, do feel free to reach out to me!

Enjoy! Very best.. and wish you health and happiness!!!


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