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Day 3 of my 90 day keto journey – Your body is your friend in this journey!

So today I am in ketosis!! Few things to note. First, I have been running 4-5 miles every other day. That has helped me to burn off the carbs that I may have been storing. Plus, more importantly, my body remembers! Body has tremendous memory and a strong tendency to get back to its natural state.. that is the state of health. I have been in ketosis before so my body has the mechanisms in place to get back into ketosis. They may have been dormant, but it has not been forgotten. Plus, I know my body likes to be healthier and enjoys the state where it is burning all the extra fat. So yes, this time it took ~3-4 days for me to enter ketosis. It wasn’t like this the first time. It took me over a week to get into ketosis and it was after a not-so-fun keto flu. I think you should see this positively. Once you do something positive for your body, it will remember and work with you as a friend when you try to find your way back!

So my macros for today are bit heavy on the proteins! Thanks to the amazing goat curry that I made! Now, the cronometer won’t get the macros perfectly right as it doesn’t know how you have cooked the food at home. It generally would take some store bought food as reference. Things like curries are loaded with carbs in the store. The one I have made has no added carbs. It doesn’t matter.. the chronometer is more for guidance so I wouldn’t worry about the numbers being bit heavier on the protein and carbs.

One thing I want to highlight is that I feel FULL! I woke up this morning not wanting to see food! Please note I ran 5 miles yesterday and per cronometer I have a deficit of about 1000 calories for the day. But man.. I feel full! Fat does that to you. You are not hungry anymore. The other reason is that my body is now in ketosis. So it is happily feeding on all the stored energy (fat) in my body! Cronometer works with the assumption that the only calories you can burn are what you have consumed. It doesn’t account for the calories that you are carrying around your midsection! So, when in ketosis, your need for food will come down. It will rise back up again.. but initially your hunger will go down. Don’t force feed. Let your body guide you.

Stay tuned and very best! Wish you health and happiness!


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