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Day 0 of my 90 day keto journey – Tomorrows are so awesome! Wish they were Todays..

I am always the best version of myself in tomorrow. I wake up early, do meditation, go for run, do intermittent fasting, make awesome green juice, cook nutritious low carb food, am kind to everybody, work with tremendous focus, go for run, do workout, listen to positive and uplifting talks, don’t waste time on social media.. the list goes on. It also sees quite easy and doable. Somehow in tomorrow’s I have much higher self-confidence and the distractions of life don’t have much control on me. The problem is, I am living in today!

Today is where the going gets tough. Early morning, I want to sleep just a bit longer, there is very early morning work call so time to meditate is squeezed, emotions do flare up, social media does suck up bunch of time completely unnecessarily, a birthday party at work and I have eaten a nice big piece of chocolate cake or the red velvet cake or tres leches (my favourite), back from work getting out to run a 5 mile seems so hard and oh.. it is too hot or rainy or cold! Self discipline takes a back seat and self doubt steps in. Yes, today’s are not easy! Wish they were tomorrow’s!!

This mirage of the promise of tomorrow has been quite tough for me last year. I have not been true to my awareness and have lived out of tune with myself I have taken a step back in my physical well being. However, I’m ready to make changes and get back to the me I know and like! This has been the longest I have gone offroad. Earlier, it would happen for a week here or there, nothing big enough to derail me overall. But this time it has been quite long (15 months to be precise!). It feels to me that I'm standing on the base of the mountain that I already conquered before.. I know what is to come. However, I’m not nervous, but excited. Sense of difficulty comes not from the task at hand, but your state of mind. Finally, I have the right state of mind!

So, the next 90 days I plan to go back to my way of eating/cooking, get back to state of ketosis and workout to gain the lost muscle mass. This time I wanted to record the journey. I wanted to capture the challenges, the learnings, the thoughts/feelings and of course the progress. The intent is so that this information may be useful for anybody else who starts walking on this path. On the way, I will post some blogs/recipes/information that is useful. I am going to be tracking the following things:

  • What I eat everyday with a breakup of my nutrient intake

  • My weight progress. It is not the best measure, but I will still track it

  • Thoughts and feelings for each day

  • My workout. I plan to not go to gym, but do workout that can be done at home. Im going to keep target for running and push ups.

  • My state of ketosis

I also plan to post during this time:

  • Lessons learnt and things to be watchful for

  • Relevant information and also post clarifications on misinformation out there

  • Recipes, how to information

  • May be few more things…

For all of you who decide to follow me through this journey.. as fellow travellers or as just as audience, please note: I’ve been through this journey in past. I know my body well and I know what to expect. Also, I’m in otherwise good physical health. Plus, I’m a qualified nutritionist. Even though I will try to document everything I deem important, it is possible I might miss something that you may have Q on. So, in case you have some Qs, please feel free to reach out to me. If you plan to start, do check with your Dr to make sure you are in good health.

So.. tomorrow here I come! This time, stay there.. don’t become the sucky Today that I have had enough of!

Very best!!!


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