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The magic of hand blending!

I have always pursued ways to make cooking easy, fun, fast, healthy and easy to clean up! I have discovered a lot, learnt a lot and have come to rely on few tools that are my go-to for everyday cooking.

One tool I never cared much for.. and was recently introduced to me by some kind person in Instagram is hand blender! It is an amazing tool and I now use it regularly. I combined the convenience of hand blender with another tool.. Indian pressure cooker! The combination is a winner!

I have found the best way to get your daily vegetables that is quick, delicious and so much fun! Talk about fiber.. this is loaded with it! It is perfect keto and you get all your nutrients in it! Plus, you can easily tweak it for your taste. I did post recipe some time back, but I will post some more details and pointers on how you can take the nutritional profile even higher!

So recipe is simple. Load your pressure cooker with different greens. Today I have a big bunch of spinach and small bunch of fenugreek. Add your vegetables of choice! I added turnip, bell peppers, broccoli, zucchini, and few mushrooms. Add fourth of a medium size onion, few crushed garlic cloves, sprinkle some pink salt and you are done! Add a cup of water, close the cooker and let it cook for 2-3 whistles. To make it more nutritious, instead of water use bone broth.. that is what I did today.

While the greens cook, in a pan prepare tadka. I looked for the English word for tadka.. and guess what, it is 'Spice Tempering!' Check it out. I will post the recipe for few different kind of tadkas you can prepare. This is where you can change the flavour profile. In my tadka today, I used coconut oil, curry leaves, dried red chillies, mustard seeds, onion/ginger/garlic, dried spices and tomatoes!

Now, time for second tool! Run the pressure cooker through cold water so the pressure reduces. Open it and use the hand blender to blend all the veggies! It takes a minute and all the veggies are turned into creamy green delicious base for your dish! Now, you can do few things here. I like to take Indian cheese (Paneer) cut that in small cubes and add to the blended greens. You can also add grilled chicken, tofu, or whatever else you prefer. You can also choose not to add anything at all! Add the tadka as well, mix it all, squeeze some lime, adjust salt for taste. That is it.. you are done!

Now, if you are like me and like to make the dish more creamy (and higher in fat), add 2-3 tablespoons of cream. You can also add coconut milk to it! This will make the dish super creamy, keto friendly and so so delicious! Since I discovered this way of cooking.. I have been eating this non stop! Every few days I make a big batch and I always have 2-3 portions in my fridge! I keep changing vegetables and the tadka to get different flavours and also nutrients.

Finally, one last thing! How do you eat this beautiful green dish? Well, if you are like me, you throw in a spicy, fermented lime pickle! May be.. cup of greek yogurt as well! Possibilities are endless. Do give it a try!!! Very best!!


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