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Microgreens anybody?

Microgreens are baby plants.. that have condensed dose of nutrition! They are flavourful, colourful and super nutritious. Generally you would see them sprinkled on your salad… or get green shots in fancy juice bars. Even though it sounds exotic, there is an easy way to grow your own microgreens.. right on your kitchen counter!

It is beautiful to see the seeds sprout, form roots and grow… into beautiful greens! This is done using a technique called Hydroponics. This is a method of growing plants without soil. The roots grow in water (which has some nutrients added to it). This method of growing greens, even though sounds super complex and lot of work, it is actually quite easy, fun, and low cost! You can grow variety of greens on your kitchen counter and use them in so many ways. Plus, as you grow them right in your kitchen, they are super clean! No crazy chemicals and not even any mud. So there is no need to even clean them.. just harvest and use in your cooking.

I’m new to this but an loving it. I was introduced to this by my dear sister @bittugb. Since then, I have procured many different kinds of seeds… many of them organic. I have been experimenting and so far, it has been going great! Do reach out if you intend to give it a shot and I will be happy to share some pointers!

One part of my kitchen counter now looks like a garden! My son loves to come and spray water over these greens! I am ready to harvest this beautiful bunch and it will be used in my green soup tomorrow!

Enjoy and with you great health and happiness!


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