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Keto Coffee - Lifeline for a keto lifestyle!

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Keto coffee! It is the buzzword and rightfully so. It is the lifeline for most of the folks who live a keto lifestyle. So what is keto coffee. Well, it is a high fat drink that you generally drink in the morning. The fats used are rich in medium and short chain triglycerides. These fats get absorbed straight to the blood (unlike the long chain fats) and work as instant source of energy. The keto coffee keeps you fuelled for long time! Intermittent fasting is made easy with this shot of fat in the morning. The one key thing about the keto coffee is that it is low in carb. Pretty much no carb actually. This allows the body to not trigger an insulin response and therefore, continue the state of fasting effectively.

So what fats work best? Well, MCT oil is generally the favourite of folks. But butter or cream work just fine too. Does the keto coffee has to be made with coffee? No, not really… I like to drink keto tea! Where I add the fats in my morning tea. Also, you can skip the coffee all together and may be make drink with cacao… and have yourself a delicious and creamy chocolate drink in the morning!

For folks starting on their keto journey and who are not used to having large amounts of fats. Go easy! If you take too much fat suddenly, your body might reject it and it can cause diarrhea. I suggest starting with may be ½ tsp of MCT oil and slowly working your way to about 1tbsp.

So, today I am having a mid-day keto coffee. I am working my way back to ketosis, so having one meal a day. I have my regular keto tea this morning, and in afternoon, I have my own rendition of a keto coffee drink. Ideally, the keto coffee shouldn’t be high on proteins or have any carbs… but for this one, there is some. Note I’m using this as a meal replacement. Here is the recipe:

In ½ tbsp. Ghee, sauté 10 soaked almonds (peeled), 1 tbsp of seeds, pinch of cinnamon and 1 green cardamom

Add ½ cup milk. Cook slightly.

In a grinder, add ½ cup water, ½ tbsp. MCT oil, ½ tbsp. heavy cream, 2 tsp soluble fiber, 1 tsp instant coffee and 1 tsp raw cacao.

Add the milk and the almonds/seeds to the grinder. Run the grinder for about 30 secs

Put the drink back in cooking pot. Cook till hot. Add couple drops of stevia (optionally)

Total calories: 351 (269 fats (77%), 35 protein (10%), 46 carb (13%))

You can skip the milk to make it much lower in carbs. With milk the drink has 8.6 gms of carbs. Without the milk, it will be 2.8gms of carb.

You can replace milk with coconut milk or such!

Note the drink has 10.9 gms of fiber too!! That is quite awesome!



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